What if your shows could be seen by millions of people?

PIXIO for horse riding


PIXIO for agility


PIXIO for ice skating


PIXIO for indoor and outdoor sports


PIXIO for speaker, conferences


PIXIO for dance


Now that is possible thanks to the PIXIO robot cameraman. The camera follows you, zooms in and out when required and won’t miss a second of your performance!

You can even use a DSLR or other non-supported camera if you only want to have the rotation without zooming. Use live streaming so that people from all over the world (or just friends!) can attend your show from afar. Wear the watch in your pocket and give the best of yourself on stage!

I am a video technician and it’s not always easy to be focused on everything during a concert. You have to check the camera shots, the sound, the lights and technical management as well… With PIXIO robot cameraman, I have the possibility to have different shots without even minding about the frame or zoom level!

Nicolas, California-USA