Where are we ?

The PIXIO robot was invented at the MOVE' N SEE R&D center in France.

Photo by www.inovadys.com/tbi (visit their website, it's amazing!)

MOVE 'N SEE office is located in Brest (France), in a cluster of about 200 companies and world renowned research labs for Telecom and Marine Science.

Eric WILLEMENOT, founder of MOVE 'N SEE

In the 1990s, for ten years, Eric was an avid parachutist at competition level. He also did a lot of filming and film editing. He quickly decided to bring the two activities together and would jump with a video camera attached to his helmet, for training and competing with his skydiving team. This was how he discovered just how helpful video can be in improving sporting performance, but he also discovered the great pleasure of filming stunning sporting images.

One example particularly struck him: beginners who learnt in only 10 jumps what it had taken him a year an 50 jumps to learn! The only difference? They had videos of their jumps. A few years later, he stopped parachuting and began to surf. This came as a shock, with a return to the traditional method, and no video. And he immediately thought of an idea to help in all of these sports where it's difficult to be filmed because the image constantly needs to be reframed. People need a robot cameraman.

He left his job as an director in the military and space industry and created MOVE ‘N SEE in 2011 in order to develop this robot cameraman and other inventions that would make the use of video more widespread, and not only in sports: conferences, ceremonies, rehearsals of actors and dancers, vloggers, journalists, TVs...

Eric, MOVE'N SEE founder