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Par Miriam V. le 14 Mars 2022 :
Produit évalué : Beacon for PIXIO robot

The batteries blow up

The batteries swells up and as a result of that the beacons are useless after 6 months - 1 year.

réponse avis  Hello

Thank you for your comment. Our after sale team have sent you an email to help with this problem. We can have the beacon back for checking and possible repair,

Kind regards

Move'n See team réponse avis

Réponse du responsable le 25 Mars 2022
Par Amy H. le 06 Fév. 2022 :
Produit évalué : Tripod LITE


This tripod is very adjustable and comes with a great carrying bag

Par Zoe R. le 21 Jan. 2022 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman


Top product, completely worth the investment!
Don't be scared to spend some money on it, it's a great tool, easy to handle and really useful on daily basis.
I use it with Iphone 12 pro max and even when I am quite far from the robot the zoom is totally effective and gives clean fine video.
I highly recommend it :) ++++++++++

Par Mehmet A. le 24 Oct. 2021 :
Produit évalué : PIX4TEAM soccer & futsal



Par Tomas P. le 10 Mai 2021 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman

Bad service from moveensee

For month Ago I received my pixem system. I couldn’t use it in a correct way because the smartphone holder was in a bad condition. Same day I received it I wrote to Cc and Laure, fast respond and that was it. They promised to send a new with express, after 10 days I asked again about the express service and they promised to fixed it. We shall say that normal service when you order is 3-5 days ,Monday 10 of may and I can still not use my system in a correct way. So think about that before you order, hope we can come back and give feedback on the product, if it will be solved.

réponse avis  Hello Tomas,

The replacement smartphone holder was shipped immediately after your request. We have just checked the tracking. The parcel remained in dropping point all this time and was sent back to us last week. We apologize on behalf of the carrier if you did not received this information. A second replacement product was shipped yesterday in priority.

You should receive it very soon and finally be able to enjoy your PIXEM robot :-)

We remain at your disposal for any further help,

Best regards,

Alex réponse avis

Réponse du responsable le 11 Mai 2021
Par Amy H. le 22 Mars 2021 :
Produit évalué : Beacon for PIXEM robot

Amy Howard

Love this Pixem system and rely on it for training almost daily. Disappointed the beacon charging ports are so poorly made that they fail anywhere between 3 months to a year making them an expensive disposable part.

réponse avis  Hello Amy

Thanks for your feedback regarding the robustness of the microUSB connectors on the beacons. This is something we have improved since then!

We are very happy to see that you like the PIXEM and that you use it regularly! réponse avis

Réponse du responsable le 25 Mars 2021
Par Mary M. le 19 Jan. 2021 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman

Love it!!

I have had my Pixem a few weeks. I love it. Best money i have spent. I use it for my riding and yoga. Realized my plank looks more like a tent :) Being able to review my rides in private is so helpful as i am self conscious about being videoed and people watching me. There was an issue with my phone not connecting to app after a Samsung update last week. Customer Service was wonderful and were super responsive, helpful and got it fixed with the app in short time. I am sure my mare is appreciative too as after just a few uses i am riding better. Thanks

Par Angela T. le 16 Avr. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXEM live lesson


I had really high hopes for this product, but the website is difficult to use to pay for a subscription and my movensee quit connecting with my phone after 2 months. It quit tracking after 1 month. I only used it 3 or 4 times. Very sad.

Also the customer service is in France. They are kind but it's confusing and the technical difficulties are lost in translation.

réponse avis  Hello Angela,

Sorry about these issues you've encountered. Our team is always here to help.

The app and phone connexion issue might be linked to recent Samsung firmware update but issue has now been solved by our team. You simply need to update the robot with latest firmware available for PIXIO. I'll send you the procedure by email.

Also I'll send along the codes and informations matching your active live lesson subscription so that you know which subscriptions you have. If you need further help we are here to assist and can make a phone call! réponse avis

Réponse du responsable le 16 Avr. 2020
Par Simone M. le 03 Mars 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXEM + tripod LITE

Self-reflection in equestrian sports

You learn to ride by riding and you learn from mistakes. We bought a Pixem to reflect better. Sometimes you hear instructions from the riding instructor and cannot implement them correctly or do not know exactly what he means. If you then watch a video of yourself, the AHA effect sometimes comes after the riding lesson.
Even if you ride without lessons, you can look at individual excerpts from the training afterwards and critically question what was wrong with one or the other. Next time you try to do better

Simone Merzdorf - Goldstück Fotografie

Par Gaëlle M. le 17 Fév. 2020 :
Produit évalué : Robot caméraman PIXEM

Je recommande vivement !

J'ai fait l'acquisition d'un PIXEM, il me suffit de 5 minutes pour l'installer, le régler et le connecter. C'est très intuitif et simple. Je recommande vivement, un vrai partenaire dans ma progression!

Par Alison S. le 11 Fév. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXEM + tripod LITE

distance no longer matters

Another successful PIXEM lesson! It is so great to be able to teach a client no matter their location or mine!

Par Grace O. le 11 Fév. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman

I wish I had purchased it sooner!

I have been so pleased with the PIXEM. It has been such a valuable tool to watch my riding videos so that I can observe the training and also my riding position. I’ve also used it for filming clinics and to get content for my blog. I wish I had purchased it sooner!

Par Svenja B. le 02 Fév. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman

Handy for filming our trainings

Our training session are recorded with the new PIXEM and we are now able to rewatch the lesson whenever we want to!

Par Sylvia D. le 02 Fév. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXIO + SONY CX450 camera + tripod

new tech toy to scrutinise our progress

I love to play with my new tech toy which I use to monitor my training with Ace and scrutinise our progress ;-)

Par Dawn G. le 31 Jan. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PIXEM robot cameraman

Great cameraman for lonely rider

I got mine so that I could assess my riding, as I dont have a trainer. It has become an indispensible part of my riding equipment!!

Par Florien B. le 26 Jan. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXIO + SONY CX450 camera + tripod

I just love this system

Online coaching thanks to Skype and PIXIO. I just love this system - making it so easy to stay connected with my students who live far away!

Par Alison S. le 24 Jan. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PIXIO: camera + smartphone & tablet compatibility upgrade

Works great to turn your PIXIO into a PIXEM

I bought the upgrade for my PIXIO. Now I can film with my iPhone in addition to my camera!

Par Joyce H. le 12 Jan. 2020 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXIO live coaching with CX450 camera

advanced tools to improve training skills

I love advanced tools to improve training skills, as well as teaching over long distance with PIXIO.

Par Alexa S. le 22 Déc. 2019 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXEM live lesson

This technique is simply fantastic

I connected yesterday via the laptop and your @pixio_cameraman to give a lesson and briefing on It separated us 500km and it was almost as if I was standing with her in the living room! This technique is simply fantastic, I really have to say

Par Andrew H. le 21 Nov. 2019 :
Produit évalué : PACK PIXIO + SONY CX450 camera + tripod

Fab technology!!

Our Pixio System has been set up and is now up and running so my horses and I can now receive online coaching sessions from my fabulous trainers. Fab technology!!