les robots caméramen en intérieur et en extérieur PIXIO


PIXIO is an auto-follow camera that film moving targets both indoors and outdoors with a range of 100m, a fully automatic zoom and an unrivalled accuracy

conferences - churches - education - VLOG - MOOC


With PIXIO robot camera it is now possible!

This automatic tracking camera will follow you and zoom in or out when needed so that you can share your speeches, sermons or lessons with your whole community!

Just wear the watch on your wrist or in your pocket, move across the stage as you wish and the auto follow camera will track you. No need to worry about moving and not being in the frame. No more boring static discourse with PIXIO. All you need to do is to focus on what you want to share with your listeners!

Add several robots or watches and you will be able to film several speakers from different angles.

Share the sound from your microphone thanks to a receiver so that your audience can watch and listen to you in live streaming thanks to the HDMI plug!

Why PIXIO is the best?

Indoor and outdoor, range 330ft = 100 meters

Tight auto-zoom capability

Quality and robustness of a third party camera

Proven technology

"Having PIXIO has helped our ministry in many ways: we are now able to live stream, share our events and spread our thoughts with much more people than before!
By the past, it was hard to have someone filming the whole church service without any church video camera but now I just have to set up my PIXIO, wear the watch and that's it!"

David, Texas-USA

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PIXIO for indoor and outdoor sports


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