Need to film your dancing lessons to improve yourself?

PIXIO for horse riding


PIXIO for agility


PIXIO for entertainment


PIXIO for ice skating


PIXIO for indoor and outdoor sports


PIXIO for speaker, conferences


Well now that is possible with PIXIO!

The robot cameraman will automatically follow you, zoom in and out when needed and will allow you to debrief your session with your dance teacher (or by yourself!). This auto tracking camera functions both indoor and outdoor so that you can film all your representations!

By adding other robots and watches you can even film several dancers from different angles to get the most of the show!

Mirrors are a good way to improve during dance lessons, but I always felt like I was losing time doing both at same time. Now with PIXIO robot camera I can achieve my choreography without minding about anything else and work on my movements later thanks to the camera that tracks you. It is also a good way to keep souvenirs from representations and share it with my friends and family!

Alice, Australia