Filmed with PIX4TEAM

PIX4TEAM tripods

The auto-follow camera for team sports

Soccer . Basketball . Volley . Handball . Rugby . Hockey . Futsal . American football

PIX4TEAM tripods

Based on the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms

No tag on players, no beacon around the playground. Only the robot!

Best price on the market:

since no subscription required

1499 / 1499$US tax excl.

The best image quality on the market

thanks to the camera of your choice with a real optical zoom


and installed in 3 minutes


Free live streaming for you and your fans, recorded immediately for your team


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PIX4TEAM cameraman
PIX4TEAM cameraman
  • Your own standard camera*

    with real optical zoom

  • Automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom

    to the playing area

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Latest generation determines the playing area to be filmed

  • 180 ° camera

    Filming the whole field permanently

* max weight 1.5kg, any brand will have auto Pan and Tilt, more than 100 Sony and Canon models have automatic zoom

PIX4TEAM wide vision PIX4TEAM focus vision

Automatically film your match

PIX4TEAM cameraman

Free live streaming

3 options for ultra easy live streaming!

PIX4TEAM picto wifi

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, and select your local WiFi spot or stream directly with the phone 4G network.

PIX4TEAM picto rj45

Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM APP on your smartphone, plug a RJ45 cable that goes to your local internet connection, and start your streaming with the APP.

PIX4TEAM picto rj45

Plug directly your own live streaming tools to the HDMI plug of the standard camera on top of the robot. For instance a HDMI to USB video converter that goes to your computer connected to internet, and use any live streaming service like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

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Video analysis

PIX4TEAM videos are compatible with :

Hudl sportcode
Nac sports
Veo Editor

Get your standard video files recorded on your camera's memory card or the robot's microSD card (.mp4 format), then import them into your usual video analysis software, except VEO CAMERA

* PIX4TEAM is an open and independent system, without any commercial link with the mentioned softwares


(additional tool 35.99€/m 35.99$/m, not mandatory for live streaming anywhere with your PIX4TEAM robot.)

Soon available!

Up to 3 video inputsUp to 3 video inputs

From phones, or cameras,
or PIX4TEAM robots**
Chose at any moment which one goes live

Add your adsAdd your ads

Add inlays,
Add videos you have prepared before the live

Live stream to our VOD plateformLive stream to our VOD plateform

and earn money from viewers

Add and manage a scoreboardAdd and manage a scoreboard

and a timer
adapt the design for your sport
and the teams

Live stream to any plateform and social mediaLive stream to any plateform and social media

like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch…

Add audio commentsAdd audio comments

Up to 2 commentators with their own phone
Connected to the internet.
They can use a mic connected to the phone.

** Each video source must be connected to the internet

PIX4TEAM cameraman

best price on the market

since no subscription required!

1499 or 1499$US tax excl.

In stock, immediate shipping

No monthly fees

Free live streaming!

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One time payment

No subscription
No monthly fees
Free live streaming

one time payment, no subscription






BBH logo

Official Training Support Device of BBH

MOVE 'N SEE is a training partner of Brest Bretagne Handball, vice-champion of Europe and champion of France in 2021

Learn more about PIX4TEAM Handball
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Return policy

30 days after the delivery with full refund (shipping costs excluded)

Stand & Tripod

Stands & tripods will be shipped with your PIX4TEAM robot

Camera, bags and accessories

Cameras, bags & accessories will be shipped with your PIX4TEAM robot


In the box

PIX4TEAM robot
Quick release plate with a 1/4" screw to fix any camera
Holder for smartphones & tablets (less than 11’’ screen size)
"Multi" cable for the zoom control of most SONY cameras
Power supply
Link to the user manual

Stand, tripod, battery and camera/phone/tablet must be purchased separetly.


Indoor & outdoor use
Must be placed on a side of a playing field
Installation height: approx. 4 meters (13 ft) and more above the field
Covers more than 100 x 100 meters (330 x 330 ft)

Power supply

Can be plugged into the mains outlet with a DC Jack plug 12V (provided)

Can be powered by a Li-Ion batteries NP-F970 (6600 mAh, 48.8Wh) and compatible batteries (not provided). Autonomy with a NP-F970 battery: 2h30-3h30

Compatible Cameras & Smartphone - tablet

You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot.

To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras or use a smartphone / tablet with the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App

Compatible Cameras
More than 100 SONY and CANON compatible cameras (see the complete list)

This application, available on iOS 12 and more, soon available on Android, allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to film on your PIX4TEAM robot.

This application allows you to control your PIX4TEAM robot from a smartphone/tablet
Compatible with Android 5 and newer smartphones & tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4 and newer.
Compatible with iPad Air and newer & iPhone 5s and newer


26 H x 13 L x 13 W (cm)
10.2 H x 5.1 L x 5.1 W (in)

1.4 kg (3.1 lb)

Max Camera Weight
1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

Max rotation speed
PAN: 120°/s
TILT: 40°/s

Stand & Tripod

You need a tripod or a stand with a 3/8" screw.
Do not use a tripod with a head, because of poor stability (except with high cost tripods!) and because it has a 1/4" screw. If you want to use such a tripod with a 1/4" screw, some small adaptors 1/4 - 3/8 exist.


DC jack plug for power supply (12V)
Jack Ø3.5 plug (to control the ZOOM and REC function of the third-party camera)
HDMI input (to received the video from the third-party camera)
RJ45 plug
MicroSD slot for video storage

Automatic zoom

Works with compatible cameras & smartphones / tablets. Fixed otherwise

Video output from the filming device on top of the robot: any resolution including 4K

In real time from the standard camera on top of the robot:
from the HDMI plug of the camera with the resolution from the camera, or
from the RJ45 plug of the robot, and/or
from the WiFi of the robot

whatever the previous 3 options, possibility to have the video in real time on any open live streaming service, including the MOVE ‘N SEE service.

In real time from a phone/tablet on the robot:
Via WiFi or phone network, on the live streaming service from MOVE ‘N SEE.

Not in real time:
from the internal memory, or (micro-)SD cards you may include in the camera/phone/tablet, or
from the micro-SD card you may include in the robot dedicated slot (and connect the HDMI plug of the camera to the HDMI input of the robot).

Video output from the 180° camera at the bottom of the robot:

Image sensor: CMOS, 5.1 MP, 1/2.5"
Video output in real time: RJ45 or WiFi
Video storage: on a microSD card (not provided) that you put in the robot. UHS-I Class 3 (U3) required, 32GB or more recommended


Designed to be very easy to pack and to take with you everywhere. In any standard photo bag >
40 x 30 x 20 cm (16 x 12 x 8 in)

Warranty & Refund policy

2-years worldwide warranty

Refund policy
30 days after delivery, you can return the product (ask a RMA document to the support team) and have a full refund except the shipping costs

Frequently Asked Questions

The 180° camera at the bottom of the robot films the whole field. It does not move. Its video is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm in real time: it determines where the action that needs to be filmed is. Then it sends PAN, TILT and ZOOM commands to the camera on top of the robot, so that the camera focuses on this action. The video can be recorded locally in the camera memory or micro-SD card, and/or recorded inside the robot (micro-SD card), and/or live streamed on any live streaming services: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, your own live streaming service if any, our own live streaming service that will be proposed later on the website. The video can be used in any analysis software, it's a standard camera so it's a standard video format. We will also propose an analysis software on the website later.

Yes, it’s possible to add as many sports as you need to your robot thanks to this upgrade:

PIX4TEAM follows the action, it does not follow any specific player or the ball. It uses Artificial Intelligence in order to film the match as a human would do.
If you want to film a specific player, our Pixio or Pixem can be the solution:

You can stream anywhere for free, no monthly fees!
You need 4 things to film & live stream your game:
1)A PIX4TEAM robot according to your sport
2)A tripod or a mast (Have a look at the question “Where should I install PIX4TEAM”)
3) You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot. To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras (check the list: https://shop.movensee.com/en/content/33-compatible-devices-with-pix4team) or use the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App
4)A smartphone or a tablet with the free App PIX4TEAM REMOTE to setup the system and live stream for free.
We also recommend our special transport bag

NO! Pix4Team is a one-time purchase!
No monthly fees except if you intend to use our streaming platform, but it's not mandatory, it's compatible with any open platform.
No the PIX4TEAM does not need any subscription to work, to record the video in real time or to live stream on social media.

Stay tuned on our social media, register to our newsletter and have a look at our YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg4R5BSZXrd2K3opXAjW2XQ/videos

Yes, it is possible to use a smartphone or a tablet, with all features, including the automatic zoom.

On the edge of the field, at the level of the center line, at a height of 4m and more, and between 3m and 20m from the edge.

The distance between the app and the robot: it's a Bluetooth and WiFi link, so the distance depends on the phone antennas. It is usually between about 15 and 30 meters depending on the phone model.
However, once you’ve launched the app and robot, no need to stay close to the robot.

The mast must have a 3/8 screw to attach the robot. It's standard, but bigger than the other standard 1/4 screw for cameras. You may have both options on your mast. It's also possible to purchase a small 3/8-1/4 adaptor for a few euros/dollars.

Yes, you need to purchase a camera. This is why you will have the best image quality on the market with a camera from a well-known brand, with a real optical zoom. It's better (but not mandatory) to use one of the compatible cameras.
Here is the list of these cameras & smartphones:

If you use a camera that is not compatible, it will have the automatic rotation exactly like a compatible one. But it will not have the automatic zoom, and it will not have the remote control of the start/stop recording from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE mobile application.

Pix4Team is like a camera. It can sustain a small rain but it's not waterproof. And we have a special Raincape for that!
Protection specially designed for the PIX4TEAM robot.
Protects the robot and the camera against bad weather, dust, sand...
Supplied with an optical glass to be mounted on the lens of the camera at the top of the robot and a protective cap for the robot lens.

No API planned at first,
But you have the possibility to configure the destination of the RTMP stream via the smartphone app.

In order to keep prices as low as possible there is no option to receive a free product to try it or to have someone from MOVE 'N SEE with you for a test. But PIX4TEAM comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with the product it's possible to ask a return to the support team. And the support team is very reactive to answer any question you may have, during and after this 30 days period of time. PIX4TEAM also comes with a 2 years international warranty so you can rest easy.

Please, email us your project (country, market, sports…) at contact@movensee.com and we will talk about the future!

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