Film and stream your games without a cameraman

PIX4TEAM: the new auto-follow camera technology for team sports.

Best image quality on the market

Open system

No subscription


More video coaching

Improve up to 5 times faster

More communication

Free streaming and sharing on social media

Filmed by PIX4TEAM without a cameraman

Left-right, up-down and zoom movements are automatic. Users can choose the zoom level.

Designed for team sports





American football





Order the version for my sport

And adapted sports

Filmed with PIX4TEAM

Live stream for free

PIX4TEAM is the only auto-follow camera to stream

on social media


on streaming plateforms
with our partners and others







on your own website with an RTMP link

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Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app on your smartphone.
From the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app, select the WiFi network or shared 4G or 5G access point on which to connect the robot.
Start and stop the live streaming directly from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app
Connect the robot to the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app on your smartphone.
Plug the robot to your internet network with an RJ45 cable (Ethernet).
Start and stop the live streaming directly from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app
Plug your own live streaming tools directly to the HDMI plug of the standard camera on top of the PIX4TEAM, for instance a HDMI to USB video converter that goes to your computer connected to internet. Then use any live streaming service like Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.

No subscription required

Film and stream your games without subscription nor additional monthly fee.

PIX4TEAM with camera and mobile

The only auto-follow camera on the market compatible with video-analyzing softwares!

Hudl sportcode
Nac sports

Get your standard video files recorded on the memory card of your camera or microSD card of the PIX4TEAM (.mp4 format), then import them into your usual video-analyzing software

PIX4TEAM is an open and independent system, without any commercial link with the mentioned softwares

How does it work?

PIX4TEAM placement

Easy setup that takes minutes
on a stand at the edge of the field or on a tripod in the bleachers...

Install 4 points on PIX4TEAM REMOTE app

...define the field limits on the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app
And start recording and/or streaming from the app

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PIX4TEAM Zoom control
  • Your own standard camera*...

    with real optical zoom

  • ...or your smartphone and tablet

  • Automatic Pan, Tilt and Zoom

    to the playing area

  • Artificial Intelligence

    latest generation determines the playing area to be filmed

  • 180° camera

    filming the whole field permanently

* max weight 1.5kg, any brand will have auto Pan and Tilt, more than 100 Sony and Canon models have automatic zoom

No tag on players

No beacon around the playground

No cameraman

Only the robot!

PIX4TEAM wide vision PIX4TEAM focus vision

Automatically film your match


Take control with your smartphone/tablet

  • Start / stop the recording of the top camera or wide-angle camera of the PIX4TEAM
  • Manage your game live streaming
  • Choose the automatic zoom

With the free PIX4TEAM REMOTE app

App Store Play Store

Best image quality on the market with a renowned camera brand of your choice with a real optical zoom

PIX4TEAM with camera
PIX4TEAM with smartphone

Or film with your smartphone or tablet

Get the free "PIX4TEAM CAMERA" app


Add score, game time and an advertisement banner with your sponsors or logos to your videos and PIX4TEAM lives

Susbcribe now From US$/€24.90 monthly
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Add and manage a scoreboardImprove the videos and lives of your PIX4TEAM robot by adding the score, the game time and the period
customize your scoreboard Customize team names and colors
Add your ads Increase the visibility of your sponsors by displaying them or showing your logos
Manage the scoreboard from your smartphone / tablet Easily manage everything in real time from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application on your smartphone/tablet
Unsubscribe whenever you want No commitment, unsubscribe whenever you want

Order now and it's immediately shipped

Happy or money back

Happy or money back

2-year warranty

2-year warranty

Immediate shipping

Immediate shipping

Fast support

Fast support

Free to use the camera of your choice

Which camera to choose?

  • SONY HDR-CX625: an excellent quality/price ratio
  • SONY FDR-AX43A: for a breathtaking image quality
Check the 125 other compatible cameras and compatible smartphones & tablets

Go higher

Which tripod/stand to choose?

  • Tripod PRO : to film from the bleachers
  • 4,80m (15,6 ft) high heavy stand : the best price to film at the edge of the field
  • 7,30m (24 ft) high heavy stand : the perfect spot to film your games
Eric Willemenot and PIX4TEAM

" We wanted to offer groundbreaking technology with automatic cameras that delivers you from all the expensive competitors with their monthly fees. You can live stream for free with the best image quality on the market, you can use your preferred analysis software. it’s a fully open system. "

Eric Willemenot, Move'N See CEO & founder

Signature of Eric Willemenot

Improve faster, communicate more

Jim's testimonial

" I think it's a great way to share our games with the children, parents and the club followers. It's like they were with us, but they watch the game from home. "

Jim, Sports Director

Training partner

Brest Bretagne Handball logo

MOVE 'N SEE is the training partner of Brest Bretagne Handball, 2021 Europe vice-Champion & France Champion

Frequently Asked Questions

How Pix4Team works exactly? (AI, Live, Recording...)

The 180° camera at the bottom of the robot films the whole field. It does not move. Its video is analysed by an artificial intelligence algorithm in real time: it determines where the action that needs to be filmed is. Then it sends PAN, TILT and ZOOM commands to the camera on top of the robot, so that the camera focuses on this action. The video can be recorded locally in the camera memory or micro-SD card, and/or recorded inside the robot (micro-SD card), and/or live streamed on any live streaming services: Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, your own live streaming service if any, our own live streaming service that will be proposed later on the website. The video can be used in any analysis software, it's a standard camera so it's a standard video format. We will also propose an analysis software on the website later.

Is it possible to have several sports in 1 robot Pix4Team?

Yes, it’s possible to add as many sports as you need to your robot thanks to this upgrade:

Can Pix4Team follow a ball, a puck, or a player?

PIX4TEAM follows the action, it does not follow any specific player or the ball. It uses Artificial Intelligence in order to film the match as a human would do.
If you want to film a specific player, our Pixio or Pixem can be the solution:

What do I need exactly to film & live stream with PIX4TEAM?

You can stream anywhere for free, no monthly fees!
You need 4 things to film & live stream your game:
1)A PIX4TEAM robot according to your sport
2)A tripod or a mast (Have a look at the question “Where should I install PIX4TEAM”)
3) You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot. To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras (check the list: or use the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App
4)A smartphone or a tablet with the free App PIX4TEAM REMOTE to setup the system and live stream for free.
We also recommend our special transport bag

Technical specifications

In the box

PIX4TEAM robot
Battery offering an autonomy of filming from 2h30 to 3h30
Quick release plate with a 1/4" screw to fix any camera
Holder for smartphones & tablets (less than 11’’ screen size)
"Multi" cable for the zoom control of most SONY cameras
Power supply
Link to the user manual

Stand, tripod, battery and camera/phone/tablet must be purchased separetly.


Indoor & outdoor use
Must be placed on a side of a playing field
Installation height: approx. 4 meters (13 ft) and more above the field
Covers more than 100 x 100 meters (330 x 330 ft)

Power supply

Can be plugged into the mains outlet with a DC Jack plug 19V (provided)

Can be powered by a Li-Ion batteries NP-F970 (6600 mAh, 48.8Wh) and compatible batteries. Autonomy with a NP-F970 battery: 2h30-3h30

Compatible Cameras & Smartphone - tablet

You can use any camera under 1.5kg or any smartphone or tablet to film with your PIX4TEAM robot.

To take advantage of the automatic zoom and remote control of the recording, you must use one of the compatible cameras or use a smartphone / tablet with the free PIX4TEAM CAMERA App

Compatible Cameras
More than 100 SONY and CANON compatible cameras ( see the complete list)

This application, available on iOS 12 and more, soon available on Android, allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to film on your PIX4TEAM robot.

This application allows you to control your PIX4TEAM robot from a smartphone/tablet
Compatible with Android 5 and newer smartphones & tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4 and newer.
Compatible with iPad Air and newer & iPhone 5s and newer

show all specifications


DC jack plug for power supply (19V)
Jack Ø3.5 plug (to control the ZOOM and REC function of the third-party camera)
HDMI input (to received the video from the third-party camera)
RJ45 plug
MicroSD slot for video storage


26 H x 13 L x 13 W (cm)
10.2 H x 5.1 L x 5.1 W (in)

1.4 kg (3.1 lb)

Max Camera Weight
1.5 kg (3.3 lb)

Max rotation speed
PAN: 120°/s
TILT: 40°/s

Stand & Tripod

You need a tripod or a stand with a 3/8" screw.
Do not use a tripod with a head, because of poor stability (except with high cost tripods!) and because it has a 1/4" screw. If you want to use such a tripod with a 1/4" screw, some small adaptors 1/4 - 3/8 exist.

Automatic zoom

Works with compatible cameras & smartphones / tablets. Fixed otherwise

Video output from the filming device on top of the robot: any resolution including 4K

In real time from the standard camera on top of the robot:
from the HDMI plug of the camera with the resolution from the camera, or
from the RJ45 plug of the robot, and/or
from the WiFi of the robot

whatever the previous 3 options, possibility to have the video in real time on any open live streaming service, including the MOVE ‘N SEE service.

In real time from a phone/tablet on the robot:
Via WiFi or phone network, on the live streaming service from MOVE ‘N SEE.

Not in real time:
from the internal memory, or (micro-)SD cards you may include in the camera/phone/tablet, or
from the micro-SD card you may include in the robot dedicated slot (and connect the HDMI plug of the camera to the HDMI input of the robot).

Video output from the 180° camera at the bottom of the robot:

Image sensor: CMOS, 5.1 MP, 1/2.5"
Video output in real time: RJ45 or WiFi
Video storage: on a microSD card (not provided) that you put in the robot. UHS-I Class 3 (U3) required, 32GB or more recommended


Designed to be very easy to pack and to take with you everywhere. In any standard photo bag >
40 x 30 x 20 cm (16 x 12 x 8 in)

Warranty & Refund policy

2-years worldwide warranty

Refund policy
30 days after delivery, you can return the product (ask a RMA document to the support team) and have a full refund except the shipping costs

Free & responsive customer support

More questions? Contact us by email, phone or videocall

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