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Auto-follow cameras for individual sports and stage

Horse riding . Conference . Agility . Pastor . Ice skating . Athletics . Etc.


Film individual sports and stage with

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Enjoy the unrivalled range and accuracy of PIXIO and PIXEM that no other indoor technology can achieve!

robot cameraman

Key features

  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Range of 330ft / 100 meters
  • Designed for your smartphone and tablet, even 4k models
  • Automatic ZOOM of your smartphone and tablet
  • Ultra easy live streaming with the free MOVE 'N APP
  • Proven technology
  • play video watch video
PIXEM the auto-follow camera for smartphone & tablet

robot cameraman

Key features

  • Indoor and outdoor tracking
  • Range of 330ft / 100 meters
  • Designed for your third party camera (SONY, CANON)
  • Tight automatic ZOOM capability
  • Live streaming capability
  • Proven technology
  • play video watch video
PIXIO the robot cameraman for third party camera

pixio and pixem watches

So easy to use!

Wear the watch on the wrist, arm or pocket: the robot tracks you automatically!
Start/stop the record from the watch. No calibration time.
Just enjoy the video

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2-year warranty

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Fast support

PIXIO and PIXEM auto-follow camera logo

Robots Cameramen Key Points

PIXIO is the only robot working both indoor & outdoor

The only robots working both INDOOR & OUTDOOR

PIXIO automatically PANS and ZOOMS

Automatic Tracking & Zoom

Use PIXIO with a camera or PIXEM with a smartphone / tablet

Compatible with third party camera or smartphone & tablet

PIXIO & PIXEM are very easy to use

Light & easy to use

PIXIO and PIXEM auto-follow cameras are multi users

Multi robots - Multi people

Edit your videos with any software

Edit with any software

PIXIO cameraman
PIXEM cameraman


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PIXIO and PIXEM robots

PIXIO and PIXEM bundles


You give sermons, conferences, online courses or produce YouTube videos...
Make your videos more dynamic and attractive thanks to the pack PIXEM for SPEAKERS!

No more boring static videos, thanks to the PIXEM robot that follows your movements on stage!
Enjoy a clear and professional recording of your voice with the RØDE microphone


There are 2 options for live training though internet (more details in the product webpages).

Find a coach available for remote lessons

Stories from our customers

Pamfou-dressage team, International riders and 5* international judge, PIXIO users

Pamfou-dressage team,
International riders and 5* international judge

Filming our riding sessions has now become surprisingly easy thanks to PIXIO and has helped us in many ways: filming our horses for sale, witness the horses’ progresses, boost our social media and much more!

The incredible accuracy of the PIXIO tracking allows the tight zoom level we need to clearly see the hands, the feet, and the overall posture. Having a third party camera is also essential to us, both for image quality (in low light, or in the backlight for instance) and device reliability reasons. Another point which has a huge importance for us: it works both indoors and outdoors, covering the whole arena.

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auto follow camera PIXIO for dressage

Suzie HALLE, Dressage, USA

Before PIXIO, I had a still camera. It was difficult to see particular aspects of the riding. With PIXIO, I stay in the frame, it zooms IN and OUT, so I'm able to see every step very clearly.

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PIXIO automatic camera to film VLOG, conferences

Jarek Ostaszewski, Vlogger, Poland

I use PIXIO to film parts of my professional VLOGs about woodwork. I’m walking around in my workshop, and PIXIO is filming me!

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PIXIO robot camera to film church, pastor and sermon

Open Heavens Church, Texas USA

Pixio has become the most consistent part of our weekly productions. The setup couldn't be easier.

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auto follow camera PIXIO for working equitation

Nuno Avelar, Working Equitation, Germany

Nuno Avelar's team became World Champion of Working equitation and PIXIO was part of his training:

PIXIO was a major help for my training! To reach such a goal, it's important to be able to see your own mistakes while training and PIXIO automatic filming and zooming features made a great job on this!

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PIXIO auto-follow camera to film dog agility and sports

Linda Köhler, Agility, Germany

I love to use Pixio Cameraman during Agility training. It's a perfect way to have great video material for a detailed analysis of my agility sessions and no-one has to be around to film because I have Pixio.

PIXEM robot camera films ice skating

Justyna Plutowska & Jérémie Flemin, International Ice Dance Couple

PIXEM follows you automatically. Zoom is pretty cool. That is super helpful!

auto follow camera PIXIO for indoor sports

Conan T., AIKIDO coaching, UK

I think many Aikidoka will like your system. :) thank you for designing a great system!

auto follow camera PIXIO for dressage

Tess MERTENS, International Dressage Amazone, Belgium

I’m an International dressage amazone. Daily training with PIXIO gives me great insight of all exercises and improves my performance. The quality of the PIXIO is impressive. It follows you very precise, zooms in and out flawless and films very steady. I use PIXIO when I train by myself or when I follow lessons with my coach. I'm no longer dependent on a cameraman and have steady shots all the time!

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation

Jessica NORDIN, Vena Dressyrcenter, Sweden

We just love our PIXIO Live Coaching Pack!! Several times a week we have training sessions between Great Britain and Sweden. What a difference from when we had to fly our trainer here.

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation et le dressage

Catherine HENRIQUET, Dressage FRANCE Champion

Images of rare quality !

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation et le saut d'obstacles

Mary Jayne Durham, Eventing, USA

I've had mine for almost a year. The product is great and the customer service is amazing. (And no, I'm not a paid spokesperson for the company)

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation

Xavier Chamant, Show Jumping, France

Very good frame!! Very silent motor!! Very smooth and accurate tracking!!

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation

Vickie Argals, Flying Colours Stables, Canada

Oh how I love Wednesdays Pixio Skype lessons

PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation

Romy HUISMAN, Equestrian Vlogger, Netherlands

I got a PIXIO !!

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PIXIO camera automatique pour l'équitation

Tim RIGDON, Pastor, USA

We are grateful for using this product for our purposes in our church. Our pastor is part horse and moves all the time and does not stay still!

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International Dressage coach using PIXIO auto-follow camera

Jean-Philippe GIACOMINI, International Dressage Coach, France

I have been traveling the world for years to give Dressage lessons. Thanks to the PIXIO robot with Live Coaching, I can multiply my number of lessons, while greatly reducing costs.