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upgrade your PIX4TEAM robot to a PIX4TEAM 2
  • upgrade your PIX4TEAM robot to a PIX4TEAM 2

PIX4TEAM 1 to 2 upgrade


Convert your PIX4TEAM robot into a PIX4TEAM 2 generation

Return your PIX4TEAM robot and benefit from the innovations of the PIX4TEAM 2

videocam New optics

PIX4TEAM robot Latest electronics

directions_run Artificial intelligence for all sports (Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hockey / Field Hockey / Rink, American Football, Handball, Futsal, Lacrosse, Rugby, Volleyball)

live_tv Video playback from any TV / computer / tablet / smartphone connected to the same WiFi network as your PIX4TEAM 2. Allows you to coach right after a sports session or half-time without having to physically access the robot.

How does it work?

1. You order the upgrade and receive an e-mail within 1 business day with instructions on how to return your robot to us
2. You ship your robot to the address indicated on the return document at your own expense
3. We convert your PIX4TEAM robot into a PIX4TEAM 2
4. We send your robot back to you

Considering the very high current demand, the upgrade of your PIX4TEAM robot will take about 4 weeks after we receive your device


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