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Download the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application below (mandatory to operate the PIX4TEAM robot). The application PIX4TEAM REMOTE is available for iOS and Android devices:

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The PIX4TEAM REMOTE App is compatible with:
· Android 5 and newer smartphones & tablets equipped with Bluetooth 4 and newer
· iPad Air and newer & iPhone 5s and newer


Get it on Apple Store Get it on play store

You can use a smartphone or tablet mounted on the top of the PIX4TEAM robot to film. An holder to fix any smartphone and tablet with a screen size up 11’’ is provided with the PIX4TEAM robot.

You can film with your usual video application (camera application on your phone or any video application of your choice!). You will then start recording directly from this application, and can adjust the desired zoom level from this application.

The PIX4TEAM CAMERA application will allow you to benefit from automatic zoom, remote recording management and video feedback in the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application, very useful when the robot is on the top of the mast.

Firmware update

Improvements and new features are regularly released. Update the PIX4TEAM robot software to benefit from them!

March 18th, 2024 v4.5 Adding SONY AX45 and SONY AX60 cameras
Improvement of the zoom smoothness in the PIX4TEAM Camera application

Bug fixes:
  • Fix of the recording status displayed in the PIX4TEAM Remote application, which was sometimes inconsistent with the actual recording state of the phone/tablet used to film on the PIX4TEAM robot with the PIX4TEAM Camera application
  • Fix of the automatic zoom level which was sometimes too wide
January 26th, 2024 v4.4 Improved zoom (all sports)
Improved framing of fast actions (all sports)
Improved framing of Rugby penalties
Floorball added to available sports
Improved management of recording stops when the PIX4TEAM robot's microSD memory card is full
Priority given to Ethernet internet connection if wifi is also connected
Improved compatibility with Internet routers to facilitate robot updates.
October 4th, 2023 v4.3 Improved tracking of fast actions (all sports)
Improved framing in basketball
Improved update download speed on low-speed connections.

Bug fixes (all sports):
  • Elimination of PIX4TEAM Remote application disconnections that could occur when testing internet connection performance at the launch of a stream.
September 12th, 2023 v4.2 Improved wifi connection between the robot and the PIX4TEAM Remote and PIX4TEAM Camera applications ;
Improved zoom for soccer.

Bug fixes (all sports):
  • Fix freeze issues that appeared on some robots
September 2, 2023 v4.1 Significant bug fix for AI Soccer => Tracking improvement
August 25th, 2023 v4.0 New firmware architecture with no impact on users

Basket AI: more consideration of the ball in the auto-follow function

Correction of zoom issues at close range on some older camera models: AX30 AX33 C220 CX230 CX240 CX280 CX290 CX530 CX540 CX610 PJ220 PJ230 PJ240 PJ270 PJ530 PJ540 PJ610 PJ810 PJ820 XA10
August 8th, 2023 v3.6 Improved tracking of rugby and ice/field hockey thanks to a new version of AI and the addition of a specific Rink field hockey algorithm
The transfer of videos recorded in the robot toward the hosting and sharing platform https://cloud.movensee.com/ is possible directly from the PIX4TEAM Remote App (1)
Internet connection speedtest carried out before starting live streaming, and suggestion of resolutions adapted to the measured speed (1)
Remote shutdown of the robot added to the PIX4TEAM Remote App (1)

Bug fix (all sports):
  • Corrected bug on automatic resuming of live streaming in the event of Internet disconnection.
  • Correction of a bug detecting disconnection of the lanc/multi cable.

(1) PIX4TEAM REMOTE application must be updated to version 2.12 or higher.
June 23th, 2023 v3.5 All sports tracking improvements thanks to a new AI version

Bug fix (all sports):
  • The 4 corners of the sports field were not always correctly registered by the robot, so that tracking was sometimes affected by what was happening outside the field, or did not take into account all the players on the field.
May 12th, 2023 v3.4 Display in the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app of the remaining recording time in the microSD card of the PIX4TEAM robot

Bug fix (all sports):
  • Correction of a bug that could cause the robot to temporarily malfunction (including some tracking troubles) after 30 minutes of use
April 21th, 2023 v3.3 Tracking improvement for games played on an American football field
Optimization of the management of the recording and the streaming which restart automatically in case of interruption
Added a new compatible camera: the CANON XA60
Improvement of the resolution of the banners in the scoreboard

Bug fixes (all sports):
  • Correction of the problems of recording launch that occurred with some cameras
  • Correction of the zoom behavior that sometimes became too tight
  • Suppression of the rare tracking interruptions
March 24th, 2023 v3.2 Ability to stream on partner OTT platforms: SolidSport, MyTVchain, Champ's1
New compatible CANON cameras: HF G70, XA65
Improvement of the TILT behavior (all sports)
Soccer: improvement of the corner framing
Handball: fine tuning of free throws detection
Other minor bug fixes

1 Requires updating the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application to version 2.9 or higher
March 10th, 2023 v3.1 Improving the stability of the TILT framing ;
Video files saved in the robot are no longer limited in size ;
Connection possible on open WIFI networks without password.
February 14th, 2023 v3.0 Beta All sports tracking improvements with the 3rd generation AI (Beta version)
Overall tracking
Quick-actions responsiveness
Tracking of players close to the field sidelines
Improvements in framing specific actions:
  • Soccer: improved corners-framing
  • Basketball: improved framing for free throws and counter attacks
  • Hockey: improved tracking in attack areas. The framing is less impacted by line changes.
  • Handball: improved framing for penalty-throws and counter attacks
Add score, game time and an advertisement banner with your sponsors or logos to your videos and PIX4TEAM lives feature added
Automatic exposure improvement

Bug fixes (all sports):
  • Fix REC control troubles
  • Fix wifi connection issues (5Ghz)
  • Fix microSD card formatting issues
October 7th, 2022 V2.0 New generation of AI which improves tracking, reactivity & zoom for all sports
Addition of the software that allows the PIX4TEAM robot to film an additional sport
Comptability with the PIX4TEAM CAMERA App which allows you to use a smartphone to film with automatic zoom, remote recording management and video feedback in the PIX4TEAM REMOTE application
Update procedure improvement
Easier field area configuration (full screen view)
Battery charging time reduced
Battery level indication now available on the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app
Addition of the possibility to format the robot's microSD card from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE app

Bug fixes (all sports):
  • Fix top camera recording issues
  • Fix disconnection issue during the field area configuration
  • Fix initialisation issue when starting the robot
April 2nd, 2022 V1.0 PIX4TEAM release

The update procedure is described in the user manual.

PIX4TEAM User Manual


SONY & CANON compatible cameras

You can use a camera mounted on the top of the PIX4TEAM robot to film. The PIX4TEAM robot can support any camera up to 1,5kg. The camera is mounted on the robot with the standard 1/4" screw.

With one of the supported SONY or CANON models, you will benefit from the automatic zoom and the remote control of the record from the PIX4TEAM Remote App.

The JVC, Panasonic, Nikon, GoPro cameras can be mounted on the PIX4TEAM robot and benefit from the automatic tracking. However, these models do not have the plug needed to control the zoom and recording from the robot. The recording will be started by pressing the REC button directly on the camera. The zoom level will be set by hand on the camera and will not change automatically.

To enjoy the best video quality (4K), we advise you to use your SONY or CANON camera with a micro SD card of class U3 (or better) with a read/write speed higher than 150 MB/s.

Sony cameras

All SONY cameras listed below will benefit from the automatic zoom and the remote control of the record from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE App.
Recommended SONY camera settings: Steadyshot activated; Best image size; Best recording quality

A few SONY models easy to find this year:
The CX450/CX455 is a ‘middle of the road’ model.
The CX625/CX675/PJ675 is also a 'middle of the road’ model, with an improved image quality and a better steadyshot.
People who want to do professional edits prefer the AX43 similar ones (AX53, AX45, AX60). These models are also better in low lights.
People who want to have a low cost model prefer the CX240 or CX405. The CX240 and the CX405 battery cannot be replaced by a bigger one, it’s autonomy is about 1h30 to 2h00. Also note that the CX240 or CX405 don't send audio through the HDMI. This means that with theses cameras, there will be no sound on videos sent to live streaming platforms, nor on videos recorded in the PIX4TEAM robot. Videos recorded directly onto the camera's microSD card will have sound.

All those camera models have a very good image quality, much better than a smartphone, even 4K smartphones.

CX130 & CX160 & XR160 & CX180 A/V R
CX220 & PJ220 & CX230 & PJ230 Multi
CX240 & PJ240 Multi
CX250 A/V R
CX260 A/V R
PJ260 A/V R
XR260 A/V R
CX270 A/V R
PJ270 Multi
CX280 Multi
CX290 Multi
CX300 A/V R
CX305 A/V R
CX320 Multi
PJ320 Multi
CX330 Multi
PJ330 Multi
PJ340 Multi
PJ350 Multi
CX350 & CX360 & PJ30 A/V R
CX370 A/V R
CX380 Multi
PJ380 Multi
CX390 Multi
PJ390 Multi
CX400 Multi
CX405 Multi
CX410 Multi
PJ410 Multi
PJ420 Multi
CX430 Multi
PJ430 Multi
CX440 Multi
PJ440 Multi
CX450 & CX455 & CX485 Multi
XR500 A/V R
CX500 A/V R
CX505 A/V R
CX510 Multi
PJ510, PJ650, PJ600 Multi
CX520 A/V R
XR520 A/V R
CX530 Multi
PJ530 Multi
CX540 Multi
PJ540 Multi
XR550 & CX550 A/V R
CX560 A/V R
CX570 A/V R
CX580 A/V R
PJ580 A/V R
PJ600 A/V R
CX610 Multi
PJ610 Multi
PJ620 Multi
CX625 Multi
PJ670 Multi
CX675 Multi
PJ675 Multi
AX700 Multi
CX700 A/V R
PJ710 & HXR-NX30 A/V R
PJ720 A/V R
CX730 A/V R
CX740 A/V R
PJ740 A/V R
CX760 A/V R
PJ760 A/V R
PJ780 Multi
PJ790 Multi
PJ780VE Multi
PJ790VE Multi
PJ810 Multi
PJ820 Multi
CX900 Multi
AX100 Multi
AX30 & AX33 Multi
AX33 4K Multi
AXP33 & AXP35 Multi
AX40 & AX43 & AX45& AX53 & AX55 & AXP55 &AX60 Multi
AX40 4K & AX43 4K & AX45 4K & AX53 4K & AX55 4K & AXP55 4K & AX60 4K Multi
PXW-X70 Multi
HXR-MC88 Multi
HXR-NX80 Multi
PXW-Z90 Multi

CANON cameras

All CANON cameras listed below will benefit from the automatic zoom and the remote control of the record from the PIX4TEAM REMOTE App.
Recommended CANON camera settings: Steadyshot activated; Best image size and recording quality; Zoom Fast

HFG10 Lanc
HFG20 Lanc
HFG25 Lanc
HFG26 & HFG30 Lanc
HFG50 HFG40 HFG21 Lanc
HFG70 Lanc
HFS20 & HFS21 Lanc
HFS200 & HFS30 Lanc
XF100 Lanc
XA10 Lanc
XA20 XA15 XA11 Lanc
XA25 Lanc
XA30 Lanc
XA35 Lanc
XA40 XA45 Lanc
XA60 XA65 Lanc

Technical support & Return procedure

Our qualified team will guarantee you fast support in case of questions or problems with your equipment. Our objective is to have your product in a good working order.

If you have any problem with your PIX4TEAM, please read carefully the User Manual, and its troubleshooting guide.

If you still have a problem, contact us by email, by phone or by post.

After-sales e-mail: pix4team-ccc@movensee.com

After-Sales France, Tel: +33 9 70 75 13 15 (no additional tax)

Postal address: MOVE ‘N SEE - SAV, 15 rue Johannes KEPLER, 29200 BREST, FRANCE

If the technical department at MOVE ‘N SEE decides that the robot cameraman needs to be returned to them, you will be given a return code (RMA: Return Material Authorization). You can then return the product along with the accessories in its original packaging. The return code must be clearly marked on the exterior of the packaging. As soon as we receive your package, our technicians will inspect and analyse the problem item. If the guarantee detailed in the conditions of sale are applicable, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. In all other cases, you will be sent a free quote for repairs. You will then have the choice:
- to refuse the quote, in which case the product will be returned to you at your own expense.
-to accept the quote. In this case, repairs will begin on reception of your payment. The product will then be returned to you once the repairs have been completed.